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A Premier, Lower-Middle Market Private Equity Firm

UnionRock unites operational and technical expertise with direct access to ownership in energy assets. We believe that energy is an essential part of progress. With over 90 years of experience in the upstream and midstream energy sectors, our management team has a proven track record in development operations and building midstream infrastructure, leading to active asset management and rigorous deal sourcing to provide top-tier investment portfolios. Our direct asset aggregation strategy brings investors closer to asset-level returns while managing concentration to reduce exposure and risk. 

Delivering Growth For Over 90 Years

We believe that investors should experience return while delivering growth on investment. Identification of an assortment of assets that deliver near-term yield combined with long-term growth enhances overall return and minimizes risk.

Operations & Technical Expertise In Deal Sourcing & Asset Management

Our team has extensive experience working at producers and midstream companies operating the assets in which we invest. This expertise underpins the ability to underwrite these transactions, actively manage our portfolios, and mitigate risk. We understand the regulatory framework within the basins in which we invest, can decipher development timing based on availability of services and access to markets, and can gauge scale of development based on operator profile.

Direct Asset Aggregation Strategy

We are a private equity firm that directly aggregates assets rather than allocating to portfolio companies. This strategy eliminates redundancy in portfolio fees, shortens the timeline for the onset of portfolio returns, and provides flexibility to monetize the portfolio opportunistically to enhance overall portfolio value.

Yield Characteristic Of Fund & Direct Pass-Through Tax Treatment

Our goal is to provide a recurring distribution to our partners throughout the fund life to demonstrate return on capital and reduce reliance on terminal value to generate overall portfolio returns. Additionally, the pass-through tax treatment of investment in our funds could provide exposure to the many tax attributes of oil and gas investing.

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